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People with Autism developmental delays have significant delays when it comes to language, social, and communication skills. When you know someone with autism, you may also notice some intellectual challenges, unless they are diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, which is a milder form of Autism. In either case, they still benefit greatly from occupational therapy.

The Role of Occupational Therapy in Autism Developmental Delays

An occupational therapist from the Kioko Center is there to help those who have Autism developmental delays with their daily living skills, education, socialization and being able to work or play. There are various ways in which an occupational therapist will help someone with Autism developmental delays. The first step that we always take is to evaluate the person in order to figure out what will work best for them so that we can create a tailored treatment plan.

Advantages of Occupational Therapy for Those with Autism Developmental Delays

Regardless of what type of a treatment plan is created for the person with Autism developmental delays, there are many advantages the person will reap, including:

  • Better peer and adult relationships whereby the person can engage and interact with them
  • Learning how to focus on tasks even though gratification may need to be delayed
  • Discovering better, more appropriate ways in which to express feelings
  • Finding ways in which to self-regulate

Although these are some of the major skills your child with Autism developmental delays will need to learn, there are also other important skills they will need as well, such as:

  • Daily living skills: toileting, dressing and grooming
  • Fine motor skills: handwriting and using scissors
  • Gross motor skills: walking, climbing stairs, sitting, posture
  • Perceptual skills: being able to tell the difference between colors, shapes, and sizes
  • Visual skills that are necessary for both reading and writing
  • Socialization skills: being conscious of your body in relation to other people around you, how to play, self-help, coping, solving problems, and communicating

There really are a lot of ways in which children with Autism developmental delays are in need of help. As a parent, you probably know that your child needs some help in all of these areas. However, what you may not be aware of is that an occupational therapist can help with these skills. Now that you know this though, you can clearly see why it’s so important to reach out to us here at the Kioko Center so that we can get you the help you need right away.

Your Final Decision about Occupational Therapy for Autism Developmental Delays

While these benefits sound great, they may also sound too good to be true, but they’re not. An occupational therapist can help your child with Autism developmental delays develop these skills. They understand that Autism developmental delays can be challenging for parents to deal with, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead, you can allow our staff at the Kioko Center to help you. We work with children between the ages of three months and 21 years of age, enabling them to become functional members of your family and of society at large.

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