Pauline Viscosi


My name is Pauline Viscosi and I graduated from Quinnipiac University with my bachelors in Health Sciences and my Masters in Occupational Therapy. I have also received certification in the Handwriting Without Tears program (Handwriting Specialist) and The Print Tool assessment of handwriting. I have also completed my certification in Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Treatment and am now a certified Pediatric Neurodevelopmental Therapist. I have also been trained in Aquatic Therapy. I have experience working with children with various and extensive sensory challenges, feeding difficulties, attention/regulation disorders, mental health diagnoses as well as neuromotor and neurodevelopment challenges. Additionally, I have experience working with a wide range of children with various diagnosis ranging from ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Sensory Integration Disorder, etc. Working in the field of pediatrics is one of the most rewarding aspects of my life as it is humbling to watch children achieve their goals.