“Kioko has changed our lives. Our son Jonathan has grown both socially and emotionally since starting here.”

By Mom of 7 year old son with SPD

“We have been coming here since February and my only regret is that we did not start sooner. What so many pass off as “typical Down Syndrome,” I always feel like that the therapists helps us do what we can to to correct issues or further development and teach us movement patterns to make sure we are not creating more damage for down the line.

" Two my kids come there and we couldn't be happier."

“My son, was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia about 3 years ago. His neuro psychiatrist recommended the Kioko Center. He has received 0T services and is currently in speech therapy. I can not say enough about the treatment and the staff. The Occupational Therapist helped my son overcome his clumsiness and balance and he is now an avid soccer player. The speech therapist, has been helping him not only with his speech, but also teaching him how to reorganize his brain to help him succeed in life. We live on the Methuen, Pelham border and it is worth the miles and time to North Andover for the exceptional treatment.”


“The Kioko Center provides services such as OT and SLP to children. The direction translation of Kioko is “happy child.” However, to others it means much more. To children, Kioko means a magical place where they know they can come to reconnect with themselves in a safe and welcoming environment. To parents/caregivers, Kioko means hope. Hope that one day their child will accomplish a goal that was once thought impossible. The amazing thing about the Kioko Center is that it is limitless. Tonight I witnessed a collaborative effort to help my son walk. However it, turned into a team building activity for all involved that everyone had something to gain. Again, limitless. The knowledge and experience of the staff at Kioko is indispensable. I wish I could provide everyone with more than words. However, I hope knowing that what you do goes far beyond providing just a service will give you the confidence in your work. You the Kioko Center, provide us (parents/ caregivers and children ) with a family. “

Chris and Nicole Parker

“Since my son Sebastian began Occupational Therapy at the Kioko Center, we have noticed such an incredible improvement in all areas of his development. His fine motor and gross motor skills have gotten stronger and his efforts to communicate with us are significantly better. We have also learned so many sensory friendly tools and techniques from Tara to help Sebastian strive in what can be a very overstimulating world for him. She is without a doubt one of his favorite people and his beyond thrilled when we show up for appointments. We are so grateful to her for truly caring about our family and for celebrating every step of Sebastian’s progress with us. Everyone on the Kioko Center staff is genuine, kind, and make you feel at home.”


“My son Aidan was referred to the Kioko Center because of sensory issues, as well as gross motor and fine motor delays. He was becoming very behavioral, especially in school due to frustration around his limitations. He lacked self-confidence and self-awareness, and therefore struggled with most situations throughout his day. I would fine myself in tears most night after hearing from his teacher atlas she just didn’t know what do to do with him. I knew he was a good kid who was just very frustrated. Aidan has been working with Katie for about 5 months now, and is a new kid. Katie’s enthusiasm and creative strategies have given him self-confidence, self-awareness, and the strength to do so many things he never though he could. He is so proud of himself now, and he very rarely has tantrums or outbursts anymore. His preschool teacher says that he is now able to attend, sit still and focus, given the strategies he has learned at the Kioko Center. He no longer exhibits behaviors at school due to frustration. As a parent, and apical education teacher myself, I cannot say enough nice things about the Kioko Center. They are a group of caring people, who think outside the box to find strategies to make sure every child they met succeeds to his or her fullest potential. They are extremely family oriented and are constantly working with family sot insure carryover at home as well. After seeing the difference in my son, I would recommend any parent who thinks their child needs extra help and support, call the Kioko Center, you will be so glad you did!”

“My son has been receiving both OT and speech services at the Kioko Center for almost one year now. When we first came for his evaluation we were scared. We knew he was developmentally delayed and speech delayed, but then he suddenly started having “episodes” of putting himself on the floor, and screaming uncontrollably. He would scream until eventually falling asleep from exhaustion. At our evaluation, Tara knew immediately that he had multiple Sensory Problems (and we thought we just had a “careful” toddler).
A simple trip to Target was difficult at best. He would scream not to be put inside the carriage, but when left out, he’;d eventually laugh and run away-even if that was out the doors into the parking lot….he was completely unsafe to take anywhere at this point. “
My now four year old has changed significantly during the past year. He does not receive other “outside” services, just his three hours a week at Kioko.
Within months of receiving services at Kioko, his screaming mostly subsided, and now a trip to Target is safe. He tells me he’;s a big boy now, and will make “good choices”….He does- he walks with me pushing the carriage, and is usually quite happy to help, and even better– he’;s safe.

The staff at Kioko Center are ALL very amazing. Each and everyone there knows my son very well, and have all had a helping hand in his therapy. I myself have also received unconditional support from them. This is a very family oriented environment. There is so much love and compassion at Kioko…I would truly recommend them to anyone. They are AMAZING!

R.T. Mother of four!!

“I brought my daughter to Kioko Center when she was 2 1/2. My daughter showed signs of sensory processing disorder. Tara, the owner was kind and immediately got my little gal. It turns out she did have sensory processing disorder and she began going to the Kioko center regularly. It made a HUGE difference!!!
My daughter is now 9 and is doing great! She also has PDD-NOS. She continues to see Tara from time to time (she gets OT at school as part of her IEP) and she just had a blast at Tara’s summer day camp.

Tara changed our life and she and her entire staff are amazing. The things they do at the Kioko center and at her camp make a huge difference.”

Lisa D. Andover, MA

“We have been seeing Dr. Tara McCormick and her staff since my son was 6 (he is now going on 12). I highly recommend this clinic for a child with ASD or other developmental issues. Tara and her staff are knowledgeable and caring. My son has come a long way due to Tara’s extensive knowledge and caring staff If you are looking for an OT program I wouldn’t hesitate to check out The Kioko Center. I wouldn’t go to any other place for my sons needs.”

Linda C. Boston, MA