Welcome to Kioko Center – Who the Kioko Center Services

Welcome to Kioko Center – Who the Kioko Center Services

Life is full of challenges but having a child with special needs doesn’t have to be one of those challenges. It can actually be a blessing instead! While you may not see things in this way right now, the therapists at the Kioko Center will help you change your point of view.

The Kioko Center offers many services to help you be the greatest parent, coach and cheerleader possible for your child. After all, this is what they need, and the therapists are there to help you be just that.

Who the Kioko Center Services

There are many people who are eligible for receiving services from the Kioko Center, including children with:

  • Speech-language problems: Whether your child is having difficulties producing the correct sounds for intelligible speech, using vocabulary, putting words in order or understanding language
  • Social interaction and play skills
  • Literacy or learning
  • Fine motor development that affects them when it comes to feeding themselves
  • Gross motor development that’s delayed or uncoordinated due to neuromuscular conditions or cerebral palsy
  • Sensory processing difficulties that make them oversensitive to things like touch, light, sound, smell, and movement

Services Offered by the Kioko Center

It doesn’t matter if your child has ADD/ADHD, Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Delays or any other health “challenge,” the Kioko Center is there with a wide array of programs that will help you. Each of these begins with a screening and evaluation in order for the therapist to get a good idea of what needs worked on and the best way in which to do so.

There are individual therapy programs available in which a holistic approach is used. This is based upon your child’s specific needs in order to make sure that they are addressed in a way that will help him reach the goals that you’ve developed with the therapist before starting the treatment plan.

Group programs are also available wherein children who are the same age, similar in personality and are working on the same goals can work with each other. This is encouraging for children as they can work together as a “small team,” and also know that they’re not alone in their “challenges.” Sometimes two siblings can also work together and support one another. If there’s more than one sibling, you’ll need to speak to your child’s therapist on how to work it out so that all of your children can be involved.

Deciding If the Kioko Center Is Right for You and Your Child

This is only a small overview of the programs that are offered here at the Kioko Center. There are so many things that we can do for your child and your family as a whole. Our therapists care and as such they’ll take the time to decide what’s right and how to carry out goals that will make your child successful in their lives. Take a moment to speak to us today as we’re waiting to help you.

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