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The KIOKO CENTER’s mission is our name. KIOKO is Japanese for Happy Child. At the Kioko Center our staff is focused on providing personalized care that honors each child’s uniqueness and the integrity of his/her family. Our goal is to provide meaningful and productive therapy that improves the life of each child at home, at school, and in the community. We welcome the privilege of collaborating with families to achieve this goal.


Child In Speech Therapy

Individual Therapy Program

Therapy sessions are 50 minutes with consultation and education time provided to the parents/caregivers at the end of each session.

Child Activity

Group Therapy Program

A group of two children set up on similarity in goals, age, personalities, and time preferences working with one therapist, to address their..


“Kioko has changed our lives. Our son Jonathan has grown both socially and emotionally since starting here.”

By Mom of 7 year old son with SPD

“We have been coming here since February and my only regret is that we did not start sooner. What so many pass off as “typical Down Syndrome,” I always feel like that the therapists helps us do what we can to to correct issues or further development and teach us movement patterns to make sure we are not creating more damage for down the line.

" Two my kids come there and we couldn't be happier."